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I'm new

Name: Sara
Age: 14
Location: Connecticut
Why you hate Ashlee and/or Haylie: Well, first of all, I can not STAND people who get everything handed to them. I'm not saying Hilary Duff is talented in anything besides acting, but she is the one who worked hard to be where she is. Haylie on the other hand didn't need to do anything but be Hilary's sister and wham shes famous. (Well, kind of.)

I don't like pop music at all, but Jessica Simpson does have a good voice, and I don't really mind her so much (Besides the dumb blonde act). Then theres Ashlee who cannot sing for the life of her, and on her debut album, she sells as many copies as her sister does. How does that happen?

And then theres that whole "punk" act that Ashlee has that makes me hate her more then I've ever hated a celebrity. Why can't she accept the fact that she is a pop star? What is so hard about that? She's already got the clothes, music, lack of talent, and personality to go with being a pop star, and she IS.
Why don't people get it?

They just make me so angry.

If Ashlee Simpson can have a record deal, why can't my friend who can sing like Christina Aguilara, be famous? Oh yeah, because no one cares about talent anymore.
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